Working out loud at Bosch - some insights

Activate your network ...

An amazing experience, if you build more and more connections to other people. Starting directly in English makes things easy to share over the world. And you will get answers from outside good old Germany.


But why did I thought so long, I need to do it all by myself? Why not just asking for help and offering help? During my first cycle, I got the impulse to start 2 little networks.


One for my circle goal within Bosch. I already found 2 colleagues, who will help to start a community to share some of our conceptual work and spread it across our site. And we even found some experienced colleagues in social media, that will help us on our way to start the community. Amazing.


And the other little network is in our local church (JuRe) to collect money for a youth worker. We are 8 people so far and have reached 30% of our financial goal. Amazing. But feedback is welcome, so that we can get better and find more people.

Edgar Kaemper (22.03.2017)

A lunch lesson ...

Today during lunch I was thinking about last week. Nothing went towards my goal. Before I could start with self-pitty, my daughter saw a few flowers and asked my wife: "Daffodils ?". Yes she replied. With a lot of irony my daughter said: "What a nice bouquet!". My wife just said: "Yes, I can see and smell the lovely yellow blossoms yet".


That's it. Don't look only to the things, that did not went well. Just learn from them. Look to your goal and even if just green stalks are to be seen, imaging the smell of your yellow Daffodils coming soon out of the stalks.


Thanks to my daughter and my wife for this lunch lesson - and they even did not now, that they have been my teachers this lunch.

Edgar Kaemper (04.03.2017)

Alternative facts ...

Fact is, Bosch asked me to join and help them with Big Data. I got into contact with the WOL movement, joined a circle and met 3 wonderful colleagues, helping and encouraging me.


For me this is also a sign for a loving god, leading me helpful steps through my life. But that is not a fact, it is my interpretation of facts.


In a free world, we need no alternative facts. We are free to have other interpretation of facts or make other conclusions out of facts. And we are free to discuss and share our interpretation.

Edgar Kaemper (05.02.2017)

Magic moments ...

Sometimes you need to plan the next steps in your life. Where to go? What to do? You cannot see the way till the end or till the next station. But you see the next steps. So feel free to go for that and try it out.


In one circle meeting I had this picture for the next steps for my goal in the circle but also another picture for the next steps with my hobby photography. Nobody told me, but there was this inspiring spirit and energy in the circle to support and encourage each other.


2 magic moments in one circle meeting, magic ...

Edgar Kaemper (05.02.2017)

Constant dripping wears away the stone ...

First I just thought what a beautiful picture. And simply underestimated the power of this drop. But during our WOL discussion this week I remembered the story of that session. Only a few drops and the water takes over the colour of the drops. And many drops wear away the stone. Not the first one, and not in a few days. So question is more or less, is our goal important enough for us to continue constant dripping. 

Edgar Kaemper (30.01.2017)

Climbing mountains ...

What is your dream?  On which mountain top do you want to stand one day? What will you see from there? And what are your feelings about that?


Keep that in mind, you will need that picture on your way to the top of your mountain. And share your dream with some friends (and your WOL circle of cause), they can remind you of your picture.


And then enjoy that moment, when you reach the top of your mountain... 

Edgar Kaemper (23.01.2017)

Frozen ...

This week, they have frozen me. Nothing went well, time thieves have stolen exactly my time frame for WOL preparation. And I could do nothing.

It was like ice freezes plants. But in time of winter some plants seem just do nothing, nothing but waiting for the next sunbeam. And when the first sunbeams are coming, they are prepared and flourish again.


Edgar Kaemper (20.01.2017)

I have a dream ...

What a dream: contributions flow like water. Running down without expectation, but with power.


What a dream, but as always, 90 % of  success is preparation. And sometimes working hard.


Edgar Kaemper (16.12.2016)

Closed doors...

What if all doors are closed?

What if nobody on your list is answering?

What if all important contacts are not online?


How about trying out your creativity?

How about, not taking this as excuse for giving up?

How about, sharing this bad experience with your circle? 


Edgar Kaemper (16.12.2016)

Time is not waiting ...

When my daughter was a little girl one day she did not get ready for Kindergarten in time. After a period of time, suddenly there was a loud shouting out of the bathroom: "Why is this clock not waiting for me?" ...


That's it. Time is not waiting for you. So in manner of time, pay yourself first and take your time you need for yourself.


A little girl was able to see, time is not waiting. But I guess we need some years more in our life to really understand that.


Edgar Kaemper (02.12.2016)