Talks to share experience with data

I like to share my knowledge in communities with other users. On this way I came into contact with the German Oracle User Group called DOAG (, Oracle DWH community ( or University of Stuttgart. First just to listen and take part in discussions. But one day I took the hurdle and gave my first talk. And still I am doing that. It is fun and essential part of such communities: not just to take out, but also to give back.


Feel free to read and learn from that experience. And please, give feedback, if it was helpful or if you can help me to improve.

And be part of such communities and share your know how too.


Most of that communities are in German language so that the slides are in German too.

Data quality and DWH - Is automatically equal to better?

Is automation of test activities leading to better data quality? How can testing in Data Warehouse projects be automated with less effort? Which processes are needed, to breathe life into a test framework?
Some experiences from our Central Data Warehouse. Could be also helpful for you, if you have such questions?

(Data Vision 2017)

Back to the roots: From ETL Tool back to PL/SQL

Do you doubt your ETL Tool? Do you think, it is not possible, to change ETL tool? We had to change our ETL tool and talked about that on DOAG conference 2016 in Nürnberg.(

MMR online - DWH as a service für Buchhändler

During my time as Data Warehouse Manager at KNV ( we enhanced our internal Data Warehouse (DWH) and offered it as service for book stores. A little step for us as IT department, but a big help for our customers to control their book stores.