What I learned from Prague

During a few days in Prague with my family, many pictures came onto my memory card. From some of them I knew, I will make a calendar. This is on my desk now for 2018. But why not taking this pictures as starting point for my 2nd book? In the WOL movement, we talk often about learnings. And for some of the pictures some words came into my mind, what is important for me with this picture. So with the help of the pictures and thinking about "Why do I like this picture?" I learned some things. 

I am inspired by the ease of children.
They climb towers, without knowing,
that this is not possible.

Even fences have their own beauty.
Beautiful enough, to forget danger behind them.
To beautiful, to strike out for freedom .

What is the roof-light of your life?
Light is coming in
and your living space is becoming am atelier.
An atelier, in that
art of living can shine.